I want you to be so excited about every item you purchase from me (Penelope) so if you don't love your garment send it back! Please fill out the return slip included with your order and include it with your return. The item must be sent back to us within 2 weeks of the item being delivered to you originally and the item must be in perfect unworn condition. If the garment comes back clearly worn (pet hair, odors, deodorant/makeup marks) we can only offer you a partial refund to cover our dry cleaning fee. We do not cover return shipping or refund shipping costs. Do not ship your return item via UPS (they won't ship to a usps PO box sometimes). Please allow us 2 weeks to process your return and you will receive a notification once your refund or store credit has been issued. All sale items and items purchased with a promotional code are returnable for store credit only.

Can I exchange for another size? 
In a nutshell: No. We are not able to do exchanges at this time. Our pieces are limited and sell out quick. If you need a different size I recommend returning the garment for a refund and re-purchasing the size you need asap.

My address is wrong!
Please contact us at as soon as possible so someone can fix the mistake. However, if we ship before this is corrected you will need to wait for the item to be returned back to us and pay for us to re-ship your items.

How do I know my size?
Exact measurements for all items are listed in the product descriptions. I am  working towards unifying the sizing, but for now please confirm measurements before you purchase as many of the items fit a little differently.

I saw my shipping label is created but don't see an update on tracking
We ship out items twice a week. If you've received an email notification of your shipping label being created but it has no update it has likely not made it to the post office yet. Please check back on the tracking in a few days. I am a tiny tiny company and we need a little extra time getting packages out on busy weeks. I am not able to rush orders or guarantee delivery by a specific date. Sometimes orders go out lightening quick and sometimes not but they always go out! Wow how exciting!

I'm a superstar / styling a superstar for a super amazing project.
Hello superstar! I love working with superstars but I have to be super selective since our clothes are made in such small batches. It doesn't hurt to ask but please don't be offended if no one responds. Email

My item was wrong or something was faulty. 
I'm sorry I am shithead pea brain I am not worthy.  Please E-mail us at with a description (photos help also!) and I will make it right!

My item was marked as delivered but I can't find it.
First check the address on the order and confirm that you entered the correct address. Once your item ships it is in the hands of USPS. If your item is listed as delivered and is missing it is possible it was delivered to a neighbor, stolen or its still sitting in the back of a delivery truck. Please contact your post office or speak to your mail person. Many times the package finds its way to the correct address within a week but we cannot issue replacements or returns for items marked as "delivered".

Customs charged me extra / Customs is holding my item.
I do not run customs and I am unable to do anything regarding additional costs your country is charging. If your item is stuck in customs I would call in. Sometimes they hold packages which can delay them for weeks. It's rare but its all part of the excitement that is international shipping.  If this is the case they may require you to come pick it up or they will send it back. If an item is sent back you will need to pay to ship it again or it will be refunded.

I have advice for your company
I welcome respectful advice but please keep in mind I am a much smaller company than I look (hair swish) and I am working with very limited resources. The company is made up of just 2 part time employees who do everything besides physically construct the clothes. This limited approach allows me to bring the clothes to customers at a cheaper cost because I have less expenses. I run this company strategically small and smart. There are many things I'd do differently if I had a whole team to work with and maybe someday I will!

Where are your clothes made?
I use international makers who specialize in small batches of high quality garments. Many times I only make 50 of a design (and in 8 sizes!). This is only possible because I am working with smaller well equipped craftsman who are paid and treated fairly for their skill level. Before working with a company I do extensive research including verifying all certificates and reading 3rd party reports about how the company is run. I comb through every detail down to the nitty gritty to make I am only working companies that abide by ethical fair trade policies including: paying at least the required working wage or more, making sure workers get time off and health benefits, and safe and clean working conditions to name just a few. All the companies I work with are "gold suppliers". In addition to 3rd party full reports, to maintain the "gold supplier" status, the company is subject to surprise inspections. I have stopped working with manufacturer in the past because their practices seemed questionable or they weren't able to provide enough information. I also plan to visit these companies in person very soon and be able to verify all this information for myself.  I have a ton of very specific information about the people who make the clothes - you are welcome to send an email and it will be forwarded to me (Penelope) I will try to do my best to provide as much specific concrete information as possible.

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