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Fashion Brand Company operates its headquarters in Glendale, CA. In 2021 we opened our own factory in Guangdong, China.


For our stateside employees, we provide: 

  • 401K vesting upon starting.

  • Health Reimbursement Accounts

  • Flexible work hours (we encourage family time and artistic pursuits and work with our employees needs).

  • Two weeks of PTO annually.

  • Paid family leave for 15 weeks.

  • Free clothes


    Our Manufacturing Team

    Our garment team is certified by WRAP which ensures we are meeting international social compliance standards and safety standards. Our team abides and follows these 12 principles and is regularly audited to ensure we are exceeding these standards.

    In addition to our certifications, we actively make efforts to be aware of unethical or unsustainable practices that we can avoid. 

    • We do NOT use any fabrics that are made with slave labor in Xinjiang.
    • We have actively worked with our clothing creators to build out a business where they are paid fairly and have a balance of work and life.
    • Our garment team does not have a “pay per garment structure” and will NEVER work with companies that actively engage in this unethical practice.
    • From our fabric cutters, seamstresses, ironers, and packers, everyone has a starting rate that is at MINIMUM 40% over the average minimum wage and works no more than 40 hours a week. 

    Our manufacturing team receives similar benefits to our US employees including: 

    • 25 annual holiday days

    • 6 months of paid maternity leave

    • Annual holiday bonuses equal to 1-4 months of pay

    • Pensions

    • Health Insurance

    • Employees are paid at a minimum 40% over the average minimum wage. 

    • Employees never work more than 40 hours a week. 

    • Flexible work hours for parents and care-takers




    A Commitment to our burning doomed Earth.

    Is it pointless? Maybe. But when I am being enveloped by flames in the year 2043 I want to know that I did my best to prevent the great fall of mankind. 

    -We utilize carbon neutral shipping through Route on all orders (not just orders that opt for Route Insurance). We offset the emissions generated by each shipment by investing in certified forestry projects.

    - All of our packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials.  Our branded mailers are made from limestone quarry waste. Cute!

    -We have developed an in house scrap fabric recycling program to utilize fabric leftovers that would normally be thrown out. If a piece of fabric is bigger than a 2" square it gets used. Instead of a landfill our scraps end up as some of the ugliest garments ever made.

    -We develop and work with recycled fabrics and organic dyes and very rarely work with synthetic or poly fabrics. One of our most common fabrics, our custom made “eek-ho” ribbed tencel fabric, is made from woven bamboo and uses organic dyes. We also often use faux leathers made from leftover plant waste. Full Transparency, sometimes I just want to make a PVC bra top and look like a cheap sexy lady. We are 90% angel, 10% environmental lazy girl (in terms of fabric and material choices).

    -We aim to provide well-made, amazing-fitting garments that will last years and years and ideally get better with age with minimal care and fussing. Choosing quality over fast fashion means fewer clothes end up in a landfill.

    In addition to the work we are doing internally, we believe that part of being an ethical business is supporting causes openly.

    Here are the non-profits and programs which we donate or raise money for:

    Center for Reproductive Rights ($17,080)

    Reclaim the Block ($5,056.40)

    For the Gworls ($5,000)

    Planned Parenthood ($7,500)

    Downtown Women's Center ($5,500)

    One Mission ($7,280) ($6,400)

    Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project  ($9,400)

    Center for Black Equity ($3,500)

    Loveland Foundation ($3,500)

    Color of Change ($3,500)

    Art Business Collaborative ($5,000)

    Campaign Zero ($3,250)

    Black Women Lead ($3,250)

    Advancement Project ($3250)

    Justice in Motion ($2,300)

    Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective ($2,300)

    Fair Fight($2,300)

    Inner-City Arts ($3,581)

    Yellowhammer Fund ($1,239)

    Asian Women's Alliance ($2,750)

    Black Women's Blueprint ($2,750)

    Anti Police Terror Project ($2,750)

    G.L.I.T.S. ($2,750)

    Brady ($2,000)

    Trevor Project ($2,400)

    Scientist Rebellion ($2,000)

    Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles ($350)

    Global Initiative Against HPV And Cervical Cancer  ($1,400)

    Good Days  ($1,400)

    Patient Advocate Foundation ($1,400)

    National Center for Lesbian Rights ($600) 

    Dolly Parton's Imagination Library ($500) 

    Palestine Children’s Relief Fund ($1,000)


    We have also donated over 2K white cotton masks for hygiene kits for unhoused people in Los Angeles.