Our Team

Fashion Brand Company operates it’s headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

Our Los Angeles Team

Our business is 100% women owned and operated. 

No job is too small. We all are working together packing orders, stocking shelves and running our space.

I am always looking to improve and be the best employer to our employees. Here is what we have done as we aim to build our perfect business utopia.

  • Minimum starting rate is $20 an hour
  • 401K (immediately) and Pensions (after a period of vesting) to all full time employees.
  • HRA to cover the entire cost of our employees healthcare premium. This allows our employees autonomy to choose their plan type.
  • Flexible work hours and days (we work with our employees for optimal scheduling for their family or artistic pursuits)
  • Two weeks paid time off annually
  • Paid family leave for 15 weeks
  • Casual Fridays - we will let our employees wear Hawaiian shirts instead of their usual work tuxedos
  • Free clothes! 

Look at our beautiful team


Our Manufacturing Team

All of our garments are made in Guangdong, China.  

Originally when Fashion Brand Company was started, our clothing was made by a very small team of craftsman working on our pieces.  In 2021 we have transitioned so our garment team is now a small company that employees over a dozen makers (including our entire original team that started with us in 2018). 

Our garment team is certified by WRAP which ensures we are meeting international social compliance standards and safety standards. Our team abides and follows these 12 principles and is regularly audited to ensure we are exceeding these standards.

In addition to our certifications we actively make efforts to be aware of unethical or unsustainable practices that we can avoid. 

  • We do NOT use any fabrics that are made with slave labor in Xinjiang.
  • We are actively engaging in regular discussions on how to reduce our carbon footprint beyond reducing material and packaging waste.
  • Our manufacturing team uses environmentally friendly dyes for all clothing.
  • We have actively worked with our clothing creators to build out a business where they are paid fairly and have a balance of work and life.
  • Our garment team does not have a “pay per garment structure” and will NEVER work with companies that actively engage in this unethical practice.
  • From our fabric cutters, seamstresses, ironers and packers, everyone has a starting rate that is at MINIMUM 40% over the average minimum wage and working no more than 40 hours a week.

All of our manufacturing team has similar benefits to our stateside team.

  • 25-day holidays annually
  • 6 months of maternity leave
  • Annual holiday bonuses equal to 1-2 months of pay
  • Pensions
  • Health Insurance
  • They also have group days off to hike, eat or go to hot spring monthly.

Here are some images of our team making our pieces.