Fashion Brand Company is the first Fashion Line that is exclusively designed by, run by, and tailored to, lizards.  All the clothes you see on the models are actually speciality samples we had made in human size but you will receive your purchased garments in lizard sizes. From Leopard Geckos to Komodo Dragons we tailor our garments to every (lizard) body type.  "Fashion Brand Company; we only make clothes for lizards"
Our Mission:
- To make clothes that will last.
We aim to provide well made, amazing fitting garments that will last you years to come and even get better to age. Purchasing quality clothes instead of fast fashion garments means that less clothes end up in a landfill at the end of the year.
- To maintain a continuing interest in traditional textiles and craftsmanship.
We regularly work with international fair trade co-operatives and smaller workshops on artisanal crafts such as dying, embroidery, silk screening, crocheting/knitting, and hand weaving among other techniques.
- To minimize packaging and use recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible.
We are slowly moving towards removing single use plastics from our packaging. Most garments are packaged in canvas bags or wrapped in recycled butcher paper instead of plastic. Items are usually shipped in recycled boxes or recyclable mailers.