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Toddler Sailor Set

Regular price $124.00
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Thick linen pull on sailor "jacket" 

The perfect outfit for when you need to hide the fact that your child is a slob and a terror. I designed this specifically as a comfortable and washable outfit my son can wear to weddings. The elastic waist on the pants and the looseness of this jacket means you will get a solid 2-3 years out of this and it will grow with them. Very well made garment that will withstand hiding under tables and chasing doggies.  

I also saved 10 of these sets for myself to save for baby showers and gifting. 

2 front pockets for acorns and rabbit poops 

elastic waist linen pants- super comfortable and great for potty training 

THESE FIT SLIGHTLY LARGE! THE SIZE 2T FIT LARGE ON MY 2.5 YEAR OLD. Fabric is pre-shrunk but if you wash it on hot and machine dry it will shrink down 1/3 of a size.