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Puritan Linen Maxi Dress

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The perfect dress for gathering all the girls in the barn after nightfall and telling them all about what you learned in the big city.

This dress creates gorgeous cleavage and really snatches in the waist with the waist ties. Brother Jedidiah is sure to notice and give himself 11 lashes for the unpure thoughts this dress elicits. 


-Made from a thick soft 100% linen. This Linen is my favorite fabric.  So sturdy but also so soft and breathable. Also Pretty low wrinklage somehow and does well in the wash. It reminds me of really high quality vintage linen jackets.

-Wash in cold water on gentle and hang dry

-2 front patch pockets 

-elastic at cuffs

-Hidden ykk zIp up back with long ties at the waist for a bow in back. This dress is both breathable but also really cinches in the waist in a very flattering way.