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Artist's Toolbox Linen Shift Dress

Regular price $138.00
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A functional shift dress with several pockets to tuck away the art-making essentials. 100% thick and sturdy linen with embroidery on all 4 pockets using a vintage embroidery machine. 

One chest pocket for your Smuckers Uncrustable.

Under the chest pocket is a large split front pocket for brushes, pens, scissors and pet rodent. One "unreachable" pocket in the center of the back. DO NOT USE THIS POCKET.


-Pull on shift 

-100% thick sturdy linen in "natural"

-Embroidery on all 4 pockets using a vintage embroidery machine

-machine washable and dryer friendly. This fabric just gets better with use and is very sturdy and comfortable.

-1 chest pocket with 2 smaller pockets for pens/brushes, a split large pocket at the hips, and one "unreachable" pocket in the center back of the shift


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