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Naked Lady Necklace 14K Gold Filled

Regular price $224.00

Like gaining a new, elegant friend. Sure, maybe she doesn’t qualify you to use the carpool lane, but if you flash her to the cop who pulls you over,  he will melt into the asphalt, and the two of you can drive into the sunset right over him.

14K gold filled

Hangs on 14K 17.25" long gold filled figaro chain 

Hot Pink CZ nips

No restock - only 100 necklaces made ever 

Gold is one of the best metals for sensitive skin. “Gold filled” means these pieces are lined with a thick layer of gold  that won’t tarnish or fade like gold-plated jewelry. It’s very worth the extra cost if you like to wear your jewelry all the time and never take them off (even in the shower).