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Museum of Modern Fart Sweatshirt Navy
Museum of Modern Fart Sweatshirt Navy
Museum of Modern Fart Sweatshirt Navy
Museum of Modern Fart Sweatshirt Navy

Museum of Modern Fart Sweatshirt Navy

New color version with Navy organic cotton! Limited release. No restock of this particular fabric once it sells out.


REFER CLOSELY TO MEASUREMENTS.  FIT IS SEMI-UNISEX. I recommend sizing down for a "femme" fit and sizing up for a "not-femme" fit (whatever that even means). The XS fits like a "women's" XS and the 2XL-5XL fits like a "men's" 2XL-5XL. All the sizes are somewhere in between. Meaning that as the sizes go up the proportions become more like those of traditional men's sizing. Confusing! A lot of people have reported that the plus sizes fit much larger than expected so pay close attention to those measurements.

-Navy organic cotton fabric

-embroidered text using a vintage embroidery machine

-Fabric has 3" of stretch and give

-ykk green half zipper

-Matching shorts sold separately

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: wash on cold and hang dry if you want no shrinkage. Wash on hot and machine dry if you'd like it to shrink a little (its 100% organic cotton so a small amount of shrinking is to be expected).

GARMENT MEASUREMENTS:  sweatshirt has a few inches of give 

the sweatshirt laying flat is a size S

Ari is wearing the L

XXS (fits like a women's XXS): Bust: 34", Waist: 28", Length: 17" 

XS (fits like a women's XS/S): Bust: 36", Waist: 30", Length: 18" 

S (fits like a women's S or Men's XS): Bust: 38", Waist: 34", Length: 20" 

M (fits like a women's M or Men's S): Bust: 40", Waist: 36", Length: 23" 

L (fits like a women's L or a men's M): Bust: 44", Waist: 40", Length: 26" 

XL (fits like a Women's XL/2XL or Men's L/XL): Bust: 48", Waist: 44", Length: 29"

2XL (fits like a women's 3XL or Men's 2XL): Bust: 52", Waist: 48", Length: 32"

3XL (fits like a women's 4XL or men's 3XL): Bust: 56", Waist: 52", Length: 34"

4XL (fits like a women's 5XL or men's 4XL): Bust: 60", Waist: 56", Length: 36"

5XL (fits like a women's 6XL or men's 5XL): Bust: 64", Waist: 60", Length: 38"