Scrap Cheer Linen Skirt Blue with black
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Scrap Cheer Linen Skirt Blue with black


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Take the concept of being your own cheerleader literally with this sensible linen cheer skirt. Then head to the field. The big game is tonight and you are leading the cheers. What do you mean you haven't been in high school for over a decade?

Thick sturdy but soft linen that whisks effortlessly through the air for your everyday tumbling. Cheer skirts have become one of my go to hot mommy looks.

- 100% thick sturdy linen

-elastic waist  pull on skirt (has 6" of comfortable stretch) 


XS: waist: 24” -27", length: 15”
S: waist: 26”-29",length: 15.5”
M: waist: 28”-31", length: 16”
L: waist: 30"-33", length: 16.5"
XL: waist: 32”-35", length: 17”
1X: waist: 34"-38", length: 18.5"
2X: waist: 38”-42", length: 20.5”
3X: waist: 40"-44", length: 22.5"
4X: waist: 44"-50", length: 24.5"

Machine washable- Will shrink a tiny amount if washed hot but barely at all.