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1 Pink Rose Tencel Rib Halter

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Put this on along with a really big hat, show up to a stranger’s funeral, and be the most mysterious widow they’ve ever seen.


-Pull on ribbed crop halter 

-custom dyed super soft and stretchy Tencel rib

-beautiful satin rose made by hand and securely stitched on 

-These fit true to size

What is tencel? 

Tencel is a natural sustainable fabric that comes from Eucalyptus tree pulp. The wood pulp is processed into fiber, then yarn, then fabric. This process “closed loop” and environmentally friendly because it recycles water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of over 99%. Our soft, ribbed Tencel fabric is custom made and dyed by us. 88% tencel and 12% spandex. It’s comfy, breathable like cotton or linen, stretchy, and natural.